1) logo graphic (dropdown: info, maintenence, preferences)
2) selected/input text
3) value
4) -spacer-
5) Add button
6) View Similar button
7) Cypher dropdown

9) Server name
10) Interface page
11) Variable Names
-'word' : free text
-'value' : integer
-'cypher' : char/str (20)
-'note' : char/str (200)

-Archived words
12) one for each available cypher

8) Cyphers
13) Archived words
14) Upload to server button
16) Descript of data formats

15) information

-user selected/highlighted words in the current web page will be converted to a numerical value using the selected cypher (7) and the total value displayed (3)

-the 'Add' button (5) can be clicked to have the current word (2) added to the list of archived words (12). words will be added to this list flagged "unsent" (to the main server (9))

-the View similar (6) button can be clicked to make the current web page a list of all words in the archived list (12) which have an identical value to the current word (2). this page chould only should identical value words which are apart of the selected cypher (7)

-Ability to click an Upload button (14) and every word in its archived lists (12) that are flagged "unsent" will be sent to the server with the domain name of (9), the page (10) with the variables name (11) associated to those unsent words in the lists. this is the only time data will be transmitted toa remote server.

-the user must be able to import, export, edit, and delete cyphers that are stored locally (7) via a web page interface accessable through (8). cyphers must be able to contain any character. cyphers can be stored locally in any manner - plain text file, custom data file, database, etc [though a database/.mdb is likely to make retierval/lookup easier]. newly added cyphers will be available in the toolbar dropdown (7)

an example of a cypher:

'Gematria of Nothing'

A = 13
B = 12
C = 11
D = 10
E = 9
F = 8
G = 7
H = 6
I = 5
J = 4
K = 3
L = 2
M = 1
N = 0
O = -1
P = -2
Q = -3
R = -4
S = -5
T = -6
U = -7
V = -8
W = -9
X = -10
Y = -11
Z = -12

-import and export of cyphers (8) must be through flat text files formated similarly to the above list

-changing of the server name (9) causes all words in lists (12) to be flagged "unsent"

-the values of (9), (10), and (11) will be default set at installation to values i'll specify. a default cypher will also be installed as well in (8)

-selected/input words (2) not in the selected cypher (7) should be ignored.

-the toolbar must have a standard look and feel. a good example is the toolbar available through Google.com

-this must be installable through a downloadable (.exe) file. it must be able to be uninstalled. it must be designed to be as compatable as possible with all future and previosu versions of IE

-the archived lists must be able to be imported and exported via the maintenence page (13); this area also allows the user to purge all words in an archived list. this import/export/delete must target a specified cypher

-data formats and other internal mechanics will be described in (14)

-an information page will contain some basic text/images (15)


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