Ars Botanica and the Hun Ol curriculum

Collaborative work between New Alexandria and Stephanie Simmons

The Ars Botanica system is designed to facilitate botanical research, whether it is small personal propagation or large-scale resource management. Keeping in mind the flexibility needed to address a wide variety of factors, many of which may be unforeseeable at the time the system is designed, was paramount in the development of way the system operates. Because it is a web-based system, it offers researchers the ability to collaborate from all over the world, sharing as much or as little of their research as they choose, even to the level of isolated viewing privileges for specific individuals. Ultimately, with the inclusion of forums for public and private discussion, an active community of individuals will begin to emerge which will represent some of the most technically advanced researchers anywhere. Many new functions of recording and analysis will be available to this audience, which are unique to the medium - allowing whole new levels of research. With this site crucial research will be able to be easier done in areas such as crops for phytoremediation and waste reclamation as well as unclassified new plants that are discovered, whose traits are completely unknown.

The Hun Ol system is an educational framework for natural resouce management wisdom. It is highly capable of being tailored to specific zones, climates and ethnic backgrounds, as well as providing a consistent roadmap for all levels of education


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