For my rapid-prototyping project I chose to print the Cymatic Bell concept that I had modeled, and done research around for the group visualization project. The model was printed on a Dimension SSI from Stratasys, which uses an fused deposition modeling (FDM) process with soluble supports (SSI). The supports dissolve in an ultrasonic bath of mild hydrochloric acid (HCl).

The largest of the bells had a build time of 23 hours, and the two smaller bells had a combined build time of around 14 hours. Costs for build plus support material for the largest model was around $60, and the smaller models combined were just over $40. The models were printed with the lattice structure upward, which reduced the build times by more than 3 hours for each run, and costs by worthwhile amount (compared with the lattice facing downward).

Resolution was quite high compared to models printed in previous years - the result of the newer Dimension SSI machine. The smallest model had some of its 'webbing' at the lattice convergence area turn up missing. The Dimension SSI operator in the School of Architecture said that model areas thinner than 1/32" print unreliably.

group.jpg group-close.jpg
top.jpg persp.jpg
side.jpg group-crop.jpg