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The Gematria Toolbar was created to aid students of gematria in their development of significant concepts and patterns. The computer medium facilitates this by allowing for dynamic handling of text, ready access via the comon medium of the web browser, and database lookup.

It serves to streamline the practice of gematria investigation, and offer the beginnings of commonality to the online community of gematria practitioners. It is also designed with an open architecture that allows community members to modify the tool to suit their own areas of exploration.

The Gematria Toolbar is a flexible tool, able to work with any alphabet (symbol system) and any cypher (symbol-to-smymbol association map). The Gematria Toolbar comes pre-configured to handle an Engligh system known as the Gematria of Nothing (GoN I). The GoN was received by Charles Hiltzheimer III in 1995.

Hebrew and Greek gematria can be added via the configuration file. Because range of character sets that can be used for non-English alphabets, we have decided to allow users to choose their own based upon their needs. Instructions are included with the installer, and support is available by contact at our spam-safe address, [email protected]

A gematria codex represents the formulation of virtual dimensions. As different words and phrases are associated via each codex, the practicioner architects very distinct meaning-value structures. This is similar to A.O. Spare's concept of a magical language, but with recombination creating the possibility of a meditative exploration similar to dowsing.

The Hebrew traditions elaborate on this in ways beyond the scope of this page.

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