Dowsing laser light to explore the connection between consciousness and gravity.

The realization of this project led to the understanding that the ability to dowse such a highly quantified construct as a laser would allow for the concordance of dowsing phenomenon previously devoid of quantification. Ley line phenomenon, including water, metal, geo-magnetism, sound and [especially] thought, could be quantified by associating the dowsed readings with those of a laser - an artifice of known quantities.

To rendering this initial point of realization, I created the following work; a compact setup that fits within a small parcel tube, capable of illustrating the basic laser dowsing phenomenon. Materials include: Cardboard tube container with plastic caps, laser pointer, wood clip, first-surface mirrors, cardboard stands, shims and a sub-container (also used for alignment).

Small cardboard tube containing all components

When assembled and aligned, laser will self-intersect (as caught here in the sub-container). A self-intersecting beam produces vortex ley phenomenon traditional to dowsing.

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