Symbol of a system metaphor in our world. Soft walls occur when a semi-permeable region deflects a flow.

Concept sketch of language being formed from the environment. Photo of water crystalizing, presented with ancient Japanese kangi character for water.


The nature of this area of inquiry is to render patterns in nature as 'characters' of a semasiographic language. These patterns represent systemic concepts, such as the form of energy flows through the environment. Well conceived, this semasiographic language should be usable even by those without computer technology (the presumed means of visualizing and developing these 'characters').

Semasiographic language is the blending of a semi-pictographic form with concepts associated to that which the character or symbol depicts. Images such as the Maya Tzolkin or Kunab'ku and the Chinese I Ching are high-level examples of semasiographic language, as each contains many layers of encoded information.


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