This section contains links to art works that are of a personal or revelatory nature, and are not generally for public consumption. They are included here with minor notes only.


I drink where there's water
in shade when it's hotter
where well-springs flow up from the ground

in travel and laughter
I jihad ever after
tones with which to resound

Biographic Information

Cirriculum Vitae
Compilation of professional information

Personal Statement

Statement of Intent

Slide Set of Recent Works

A collection of some of my more recent works. Brief textual statement in each slide condensed a more complete awareness of each work.



Breif information and pictures on recent dowsing projects. This page will be move once it is formalized.

The Penitent Eye

An alchemical metaphor on celestial alignments seen through cutting edge telescope technology.


A sand sculpture on transformation and journeying.


A channeled metaphor and meditation relating to the Gematria of Nothing

Z(meme) Actionary Formation

An icon rendered for inspirational/propagandistic purposes.

Immediatist Text

Prose written in a flow-formed font style.